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Meet Your New Rival – The Xavier Musketeers

As you’re finishing up your week, we’ll finish up this three part series of new Big East member profiles with the Xavier Musketeers. Read our first two posts on Butler and Creighton if you haven’t already done so. In that Butler write-up we detailed the resurgence of the Musketeer-Bulldog feud. However, Xavier has played more games against a different Big East school. We take a look at that as well as the school who hired a coach away from Xavier years ago. This information was compiled from the Xavier Media Guide. So what did we find?

  • For the third time this week, we mention Marquette as a main rival for a new Big East school. Yes, out of the other nine members, Xavier has played the Golden Eagles most often (61 times). In addition, their last meeting took place in the Round of 64 in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Marquette won that one 66-55 and have dominated this series (46-15). From 1988 to 1991, they were members of the same conference (Midwestern Collegiate Conference); come July 1, they’ll be reunited.
  • Xavier has played Providence only three times in history and not since December 22, 1987. So why the heck am I highlighting this match-up? Two words: Pete. Gillen.

    Gillen was the head coach at Xavier from 1985 to 1994, and during that time he took the Musketeers to heights the school had never reached, including 7 NCAA Tournament appearances and their first ever Sweet 16 appearance in 1990. When Providence needed replace Rick Barnes in 1994, they hired Gillen. Xavier kept rolling along with the late great Skip Prosser while Gillen led Providence to the Elite 8 in 1997 for the first time since 1987. With that kind of history between the two schools, it’s a tad surprising they haven’t scheduled more games against each other. That will change this fall. (As an aside, I’d like to take this opportunity to beg and plead the powers that be to let Pete announce these Xavier-Providence games. Please, please, PLEASE make this happen. Somehow, someway get it done. I don’t care if you think his voice is insufferable, he is hilariously entertaining).

  • The Musketeers have played Georgetown twice in the NCAA’s and split the two games. Xavier won in 1990; Georgetown won in 1995. Xavier leads the series overall 4-2.
  • Xavier owns winning records against Butler, Creighton, Georgetown and Providence. The only school they have not beaten is St. John’s whom they’ve played once.

And now, here is Xavier’s all-time record against Big East schools:

Butler 31 17 3/9/2013 (A10 Members)
Creighton 9 6 11/27/2009
DePaul 3 8 12/27/1997
Georgetown 4 2 3/17/1995 (NCAA First Round)
Marquette 15 46 3/18/2011 (NCAA First Round)
Providence 2 1 12/22/1987
St. John’s 0 1 11/27/1981
Seton Hall 3 4 11/21/2010
Villanova 4 16 11/19/2006
TOTAL 71 101


Xavier: 172

Creighton: 147

Butler: 100


Xavier: .413

Creighton: .361

Butler: .350

Of the three new additions, Xavier has had the most success against teams in the new Big East. What else can we glean from this? Marquette should be pleased to play these new members. The Golden Eagles own winning records against all three. Plus, of the seven Big East hold-over members, Marquette has played as well as beat each of the three new schools the most by far with a .657 winning percentage. That doesn’t necessarily mean Marquette will continue to have success against these schools, but it is certainly interesting.

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